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"Like My Addiction" Campaign.

This case study was created for the Public Relations Case Study course as an individual social media campaign analysis. On August 1, 2016, a beautiful Parisian girl became an overnight Instagram sensation. In a two-month period the Instagram account acquired over 50,000 followers, with each post receiving thousands of likes.

The Instagram phenomenon went by the name of Louise Delage; a 25-year-old living a life of blissful outings with friends, sunset cruises on yachts, and glamorous partying. To any follower, the 25-year-old had it all, but what most people missed was the chilling truth of how easy it is to miss addiction.

On September 22, 2016, Delage posted a video on her account revealing the truth and purpose behind her collection of glamorous posts. Of all 149 images posted on her account, there was one thing each shared in common: an alcoholic beverage appeared somewhere in every post.

The “Like My Addiction,” campaign was created by the French organization, Addict Aide, to bring awareness to a very prevalent issue in young adults. The power of this campaign was the unique direction and platform that was specifically chosen to target the right audience and convey a message loudly and visually.

The breadth and power of social media messages transcend most traditional platforms that have been used in recent history. By utilizing Instagram to create a fake persona, it brought light to the issue of how easy it is to feed into what most see and believe as a glamorous lifestyle when in reality viewers are missing a critical problem. The name of the campaign, “Like My Addiction,” verbalizes how liking images and posts on social media can become enablers for individuals such as Delage.

The day the video was released, exposing the campaign, Addict Aide saw five times more traffic to its site than normal and the story generated over 140 media mentions. The sheer breadth and recognition of the social media campaign prove how crucial utilizing other channels for campaigns is in today’s socially driven society.


Campaign Video

A Campaign by Addict Aide

On September 22, 2016, the video above was released on Louise Delage's Instagram page revealing the Addict Aide Addiction Campaign, bringing light and truth to the prevalance of addiction in young adults through the social campaign.