Background Image



>>Nameplate Logo<<

I created my nameplate logo using Adobe Photoshop. To create the marbled, bold letters, I used the clipping tool in photoshop and placed the marble texture image on top of the letters. I love the sophistication and simplicity of black, white and grey because they are timeless and subtle, but still make a statement.
I wanted to incorporate the use of texture, as you can see throughout my website because it creates more detail and depth to the pages. The marbled letters stand out on the dark background as seen above, and subtly mix into to a lighter background.


>>Small Initials Logo<<

I chose to also create a logo incorporating my initials because it is smaller and something that can be recognized quickly. Logos represent the personality and image of a person, brand or company and I wanted to have a small symbol that was cohesive throughout my website.

Similar to my nameplate logo, I wanted to stick with very subtle and sophisticated colors, shades of grey, white and black. My initial logo was created using Adobe InDesign. I started by creating my first and last initial “C” and “B”. After placing the letters I framed them in a rectangular shape which I filled with a fading color scheme. After creating the base I added my full name to split through the middle of my initials.