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the CASE

This magazine is a compilation of stories written for Auburn Family, the social networking platform for Auburn University’s faculty, students, alumni, and parents. Each of the six stories in the magazine has a certain theme or focus such as food, purpose, travel, campus life, or academics.

I chose to name this magazine "the CASE" for two reasons. First, the definition of a case is an instance of a particular situation or an example of something occurring and each story in the magazine has a particular purpose that makes it unique. The second reason is that I chose to make the title a play on my name, because the magazine is personal yet still combines the stories of others.

This magazine was created using Adobe InDesign. Below is a list of the stories included in the magazine.

  • + A College Student's Culinary Success
  • + The Lasting Power of a Spring Break Mission Trip
  • + Choosing a Major: Finding Your Path
  • + Professional Perks of Social Media
  • + Why You Should Live On Campus as a Freshman
  • + Amazing Alabama