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Auburn Parks & Recreation Special Events

This research study was conducted during the Survey Research course, on behalf of Auburn City Parks and Recreation, to gather citizen feedback regarding special events in Auburn, AL. The research done for this project explored ideas to pitch to downtown merchants, event locations, and the interests of Auburn city residents. The information gathered in the survey included the size of events, types of events and event audiences of Auburn city functions. Some questions inquired about whether people had a desire for age-related events, such as children’s festivals or adult-only evening events, and holiday gatherings.

The data was collected through a Qualtrics survey which was distributed through various social media channels, seeking responses from Auburn residents. For the survey, we employed nonprobabilistic sampling, or more specifically convenience sampling. Convenience sampling occurs when you select participants or messages because they are available. The survey was available to any population we were able to reach within the Auburn community, establishing the Auburn community as a whole as the universe of the survey. Within the community, our population was specifically Auburn city residents. The sampling frame included city residents who have or who planned to attend Auburn city events. Our sample includes the actual residents who responded to the survey.

The Qualtrics survey included 24 questions and received 169 responses. The results were charted and presented to the Auburn City Parks and Recreation department to offer information and suggestions that demonstrated the interest of the Auburn community.